So I used the PSO2 tweaker last night

I waited a week for Microsoft to fix any potential lag issues the game has, but it would seem they're unable to do so, at least anytime soon. I got fed up with constantly having 3 fps on the ship, so I uninstalled the game (which involved resetting permissions on the folders and very tediously deleting folders in a very specific order)

Then I downloaded the tweaker. Then downloaded the entire game, and proceeded to follow their basic instructions. Game worked first try, and there's almost no lag on the ship. I was also able to join urgent quest groups without being mysteriously dropped from the group and getting softlocked on the quest counter, forcing me to relog. I'm curious if it resolves other random crash issues as well, like when I tried to load into the Urgent quest boss with the hands.

I highly recommend those who installed via Microsoft to uninstall (if you know how) and install the tweaker.

@Wusscake Yep,only moment the frames drop is when a block is extremely congested. But that is probably an issue on their end that they need to fix.

I love how the solution to some of this games most prominent technical problems is to do everything in your power to avoid including anything Microsoft as the solution.

@Zizel To be fair, the tweaker team has been doing this for 8 years, so they know exactly what kind of problems this game likes to have. Of course, Microsoft is good at creating unnecessary problems in recent years.

@Wusscake Oh yes, they do good work that's for sure. I heard rumor that they are trying to make it so you can install the game without having to go through the Microsoft store. (At least I think it was them, might have been another group, cant recall at the moment) but that would be a good breakthrough as well if it was true.

@Zizel That's exactly what I did. I installed the game without the microsoft store. Why do you think it worked so well?