skill tree "set recommended" any way to know in advance what does it do?

Hello, as the title says.. i'm curious on how the set recommended skill tree option will work out. is there any way to know in advance how the points will be redistributed? thanks!

you shouldn't use the reccommended builds in game they aren't very good.

@redPG yeah, i know, but i kinda messed up my skill tree myself. wondering if a default one will do better while i wait for a skill tree reset pass. i cannot find the premade builds anywhere.

I provided a link for builds. use your current build I guess until a new pass is out I guess

@Derolade Firstly select "Recommended Setup". Then take courage in answering "Yes" to the next dialogue. Then they'll show the final confirmation with the list of recommended skills they are going to overwrite with.


EDIT: off topic, but it's interesting to know they'll take Pet Switch Strike by default

@Fiona-Respha oh nice. so THERE IS a preview. thanks. i'll try it out

Edit: for braver it is pretty good i must say. along the lines of what @redPG posted before. at least for level 38. pretty good change for me.