Unlock extremely hard difficulty?

So I just hit level 70 and looking at my ARKS mission list I am now able to unlock extremely hard difficulty. How am I supposed to unlock it? Cofy doesn't unlock it, and I am unable to track it through the ARKS mission tab so I am lost.

@DesiringChair84 There is no CO for it, rather you need to trigger a cut-in chat from Cofy to enable it. Usually these kinds of unlock cut-ins are triggered by walking near the Gateway Ship entrance in the lobby, but you can also sometimes trigger them by entering and exiting the salon.

Thanks so much, the entering and exiting the Salon worked for me.

Also, keep in mind that currently XH difficulty is only available on Urgent Quests.

worked for me as well thank you. but they need to fix this

Ultimate quests(naverius and amduskia) are are also XH difficulty.