Alliance Name: Uneasy Hearts


Ship: 3

Alliance Type: Roleplaying / Casual PvE

Alliance Population: 2!

Alliance Time Zone: Eastern Time zone

Looking For: Mature respectful players, preferably 18+. As for roleplayers, we're looking for light to medium literate RP. Be willing to learn and grow with us, and help each other out as.. well we're all new to the game!

OOC Description: Hi! Uneasy Hearts is an Alliance built primarily about bringing people together to enjoy the game. Whether that be through casual PvE and content completion, or roleplaying! I'm striving to build a completely inclusive (LGBT+ friendly!) and relaxed group that we can create wonderful stories and complete PvE challenges together. So whether you want someone to run content with, or are interested in the overarching narrative of the group.. everyone is welcome! We're small right now, but we will grow with time.

IC Description: Uneasy Hearts is a company focused on bringing those together who fit in nowhere else. Regardless of the background, status, or anything, UH seeks to brings us all together. Started by Tokhta, and now suddenly passed onto his only heir Alaqa, the group seeks to rebuild itself and to get out there to help as many people as they can. The company serves multiple purposes right now.. bringing in those who may need aid, working with ARKS to complete missions to fund their charitable work, or just . If you're feeling lost and lonely.. or have a strong desire to help others. Welcome to Uneasy Hearts!

Team Discord/Link: