I need help with Marlu Client Order!!

Where i can find a Procure Broken falspawn C lvl 21+? I need to kill him with a rod =/ Pls help me guys!!

When you click over to Marlu and are going to accept the client order, you can see which areas that client order can be completed. I think for this one, it doesn't matter what areas, as long as its's a falspwan. Best bet's are dessert, ruins, and any UQ like the city.den.

@ERICK001BC I kill all the enemies in those locations but the quest dosen´t complete. The location is miscellaneous =/

Are you picking up the "Broken Flaspawn Core" items that should be dropping from the killed Falspawn?

@AndrlCh Omg you're an angel, I didn't know I had to collect the items. thank you