NP1013 - "Clean" Install of both Windows and Game

PSO2 crashes after 60 seconds of execution with NP1013. This is an issue with GameGuard. However:

  • It is a Windows Store based installation
  • Tweaker was initially not installed when errors began
  • No key-mapping tools are installed.
  • No extra utilities are installed. — Outside of Steam, this is a clean Windows installation
  • Steam has been turned off/disabled.
  • PSO2 permissions have been fixed.
  • Tweaker's "fix GameGuard" has been attempted.
  • All the coherence utilities of Parallels Desktop drivers have been disabled.
  • Steam has been disabled.
  • Game has redownloaded fresh copies of assets thrice.
  • Bare Windows Enterprise-based instillation (Highest Non-Server Edition)
  • Latest stable Windows build/update
  • Full DEP enabled
  • No third party antivirus
  • Microsoft Power Toys has been uninstalled.
  • Community GameGuard patch has been attempted

No matter what I have tried, NP1013 is thrown after 60 seconds [tops], and the game is force quit.

Please fix this mess. — Currently installing the Tweaker-based installation in hopes their non-store installation is more stable and reliable than this…

You might want to try a regular Windows 10 Home or Pro version instead. The Enterprise level features might be what are interfering with GameGuard.

@Ragnawind Shouldn't. Under the hood it's just like Pro, it just has additional features available. I have none of them installed though.

Enterprise is different from Server. It's still just a "higher edition" of Windows, similar to how Vista had "Ultimate" & "Business" editions.

As it stands, it's configured just like a Pro installation. It's been stripped down pretty bare (I even removed calculator and other Windows 10 apps) too.

I got this through my old school (10 Edu is a version of Enterprise pre-configured to turn analytics off and strip bloatware), and cannot afford another copy of Windows.

Behind the scenes theres nothing really different from Pro or Home; task manager and services running are practically identical.