What Are Good Braver Rings?

It's not always the mob moving. I will aim for one weak point, and the shot will auto-target a different spot instead and move on its own. It will still hit, but not the weak point I shot at. Master Shot does do the same thing sometimes yeah, but even when the mob is standing still. I'll just have to keep testing them until I find a combo I like.

@MiyenHalo It's always the case if you're not locking on to a mob, especially if they have multiple target-able parts like Luda Sorceror. You will have to manual aim or lock-on to have better chance at hitting weakspots. If you're not locking on and the target cursor focuses on another part, then that's just on you. You have to get used to locking on a part and also being at the right angle or you'll just get suffer from not hitting weakspots.

For things like Rockbears or enemies that tend to move around a lot will just have you to telegraph your attacks so they can hit weakspots and also placement is the most important. There's also enemies like Ringhada who requires you to manual aim to hit his weakspots too.