I selected "Remodel Room" and all my furniture disappeared!

This is rather upsetting. I had just purchased a Premium pass and so went to check out what I could do with my personal quarters. However when I selected the option "Remodel Room" all my placed furniture vanished (Wedding Cake from FUN Scratch, Rainy Day Rappy and Auxiliary Console). I assumed it would be moved to my storage like usual but none of those items are in any of my pages. I can buy another Auxiliary but that Rainy Day Rappy was exclusive to the Mission Pass and the Cake was exclusive to the scratch. Please help. 😞

Never mind, I am an idiot. I accidentally changed my Mini Room to Personal Quarters A. Changing it back to Mini Room made all my furniture reappear. You can close this topic.

On a side note, if you want to use whatever furniture you have in the mini room you have to remove it first if you want to apply it to the bigger room config A/B.