Custom symbol art imports?

I see alot of people with symbol art that's very hard to believe could be made lol... And I've also heard about importing images from online? Is there a way to do this at all?

You gotta be able to convert it to .sar

Other than that, some people are genuinely good and messing around with shapes/stealing.

You'd be surprised what you can make and build with layers and simple shapes (and a lot of time). In one of the old Forza games in 360 inused to make awesome car paint schemes and pull off Star Wars characters and NFL teams, etc.

While I wish it was possible to upload images..The flood of hentai images in Ship 1 have made me wish custom images did not exist at all. Those bloody people need a life. 'Ohh! It's naughty! I'm a rebel for posting this!' 🙄

i just imported mine from JP server. now that PC is out all the good ones are in game now

@Eguzky I fully agree about the images in ship 1 I do understand that I could easily turn them off and all but I honestly do enjoy seeing some of the images people can come up with that AREN'T hentai related