Nemesis Sage Vs Psycho Wand

Quick question for any of you Force Vets out there. Found a Nem Sage, is it worth the time and money to grind it to +35 and afflix it, or should I keep the psycho's for now. As In how quickly do we predict the Nem will be replaced ?

There is no real way of knowing when they will add more content (remember, it took over two months for them to add any new non-UQ content from the initial launch), but even on the JPN server, the Nemesis and Slave series are pretty much the high end of 13* Weapons without S-Class Augments.

The Nemesis is obviously better than the Psycho Wand, with a 2% higher damage multiplier, 5% better PP cost reduction, and 178 higher TEC-Pwr, plus, assuming that the exchanges remain the same, you need a Slave and Nemesis to trade in for a 15* Austere.


I would keep the Nemesis Sage. I was using a maxed Psycho Wand before I got one of those, and there's no real choice to be made... Sold the Psycho Wand for around 10 mill also... win win!

@AndrlCh One thing I always got confused with is, psycho wand pot says "15% damage", but nemesis pot says "17% power". I always thought "power" meant MEL/RNG/TEC power, but from what you are saying, it seems like damage and power are synonymous?

@JYuCS Yeah, it is mostly inconsistent translation and terminology; the game is rife with examples of it. Typically, if it is a stat increase instead of a damage multiplier, it will directly mention the stat in question.