Error 630 constantly // Internet connection is fine!

Since Windows 10 launch for days it was flawless, then last Sunday Error 630 first appeared and was mild but continued to get worse, lobby hitching started to appear as well and the error 630 continued to get worse and now, it's impossible to play. I join a AQ with four guildies and immediately joining the gateship error 630 immediate and constant.

Fixes done -

Launcher Fix, made error 630 WORSE. Disabled IP/6, no effect Restored default launcher and installed tweaker, made error 630 MUCH WORSE.

All ports 12000 - 12999 checked, open and reachable - checked internet connections, no internet issues detected, no outages even minor jitters. Seems like Server to Client issue, possible gameguard issue causing it.

Bear in mind, this has been a serious issue on the JP server since 2012 so I'm honestly - expecting the developers not to care about this issue.

Heads up, there is another thread about this, but I think you have tried some things people didn't think of, I also tried running it as admin, and doing making exception in my Anti virus. I would recommend just leaving a comment on the other thread as well.

I am having the same issue, but not as often. It usually only happens when doing AQ with Alliance Members. Its annoying as either mid to end of AQ I get disconnected from everyone and can't get back in afterward. Any fix for error 630?!

Error 630 is you the player not getting a signal from the server you are on. There is nothing that Sega can actually do to fix that problem, unless it is GameGuard causing it.

But how is it me, when I am perfectly able to play every other game I have installed normally with no server issues except PSO2?! This is the only game it is happening on.

@Ragnawind Too many people are getting this issue for it to be a simple coincidence, plus I'm a veteran of the JP server and error 630 is infamous. The way I get the error is odd to say the least, I could do a UQ with 12 people and finish the mission, go to the gateway and then 630 will appear...its almost ALWAYS happening on a transition from one area to the next.