Xbox release?

Also microsoft has an expedited process for certain developers on bug patches. Im sure segas on the expedited list. My prediction is the open beta is within a week and the game launches in a month. It wasn't perfect but the game looked pretty well made already.

Can we start a meseta pool and see who can guess the correct date of open-beta launch?

Im hoping its February 21st or March 6th so it falls on my weekends off work but I expect February 28th will be the start.

I'm still expecting it to be two weeks, or one week for OBT at the earliest. It would fall in with Patch 5.2 of FFXIV, to try and get people away from FFXIV 😛

Honestly i just want it pre april so I can get max before ff7 remastered is released.

With my luck based on the CBT, it will be a 5 day Open Beta during the days I will be gone for training. ;_;

How quiet all the official sources are suggests to me sooner rather than later.

@UnsealingBA1974 What would these official sources be o: ?

You misread. I said lack of official news from official sources.

@UnsealingBA1974 That i did my apologies.

@UnsealingBA1974 said in Open beta when?:

How quiet all the official sources are suggests to me sooner rather than later.

Sounds an awful lot like plain wishful thinking to me.

They said spring, and people are already assuming that means the first day of spring, why would they say anything until they have a firm date? People will just make up stuff (case in point above)

They said spring, which more probably means the last day of spring is when it will go to QA. Who may have it for a couple of weeks.

The open will probably be around then.

Ask yourself this question: (everyone with a job, or who has made it out of grade school)

If you have a project with a deadline of "Spring" do you hand it in in March, or June?

@Seedenator If the project is properly done and not rushed i would yes.

@Seedenator You need some reading comprehension if you think i'm making anything up =P I'm basing my assumptions, key word, on my multitudes of other xbox game betas I've participated in. 😃

All assumptions are "making things up" by definition.

I've been watching people react to game releases for more than 30 years, there is always someone who thinks that lack of contradiction from "official sources" means whatever stuff they make up is true, and then they get people to complain to the devs about failing to meet promises that were never made.

There is always someone who thinks that an offhand comment is a contractual obligation.

There are always people who flat misunderstand things.

The game may release in 24 hours, or in 24 weeks. The quiet, or lack, is not a tell.

That's your opinion not mine 😉