Xbox release?

I really wish we'll (PC Players) have a closed beta too, I WANT THIS DREAMCAST MAG !!!! 🙏

Or could be just Open beta next with Xbox/PC and then release at same time for both... if not any issues of course.

At least I'd like to really hope it is something like that, since they've only said vague things about PC. Like one of their last mentions about PC on Twitter: alt text

Ignore "1h" was 2~ days ago... infact I tried find it again to screen again, so don't need to say that but... looks like they deleted it/at least cant find it myself again. ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°) (Edit: nevermind, did find it again - false alarm...)

------ Don't have the privilege to delete it yet ------

@RocKiee-Kyrosu if they did delete it I wouldn’t keep my hopes up for a open beta with both.

@Cedka Same here... but I hope the AC (The currency) inside the game is not as high as the Japanese version. So I would buy way more.... mags, boosts, and everything else...

@RocKiee-Kyrosu Ah okay... thanks, I didn't see it because I don't go or rarely go on twitter. I just subscribed to the PSO2-XBOX account.

@RocKiee-Kyrosu They usually do a PC beta too.... like Minecraft and a few more PC beta I seen trough the insider app.

@RocKiee-Kyrosu here you go:

Twitter seems to have changed a bit or i never noticed but sometimes (mainly recently) i cant find old tweets ether its quite odd.

Yeah, they shouldn't make the PC gamers wait to have pretty much the same game that runs in the same eco-system. I say they should even delay the release of the game to have both coming out at the same time.

@AnonMarc Yeah I actually just found it again as well, after looking further back. Seems ctrl-f search is deffinitely not reliable on Twitter, like thought by how the page scrolls*. Guess nevermind about that, but guess still shows that just want them to stop being vague already. >.>

*Not something normally use(Twitter), only started going on a bit to stalk PSO2's Twitter.

Id be happy ifbthey were around the same time or at the same time. I got the xboxox just for the closed beta and would think the more the merrier!
What if its so much when PC is released too that the amount of ships planned is notbeven enough! 😮

@Hengbok If they would release both at the same time, there would be a much bigger demands and numbers of players. I bet the numbers would be insanely high and would shatter other big games release date numbers.

@RocKiee-Kyrosu I want too know too T^T but better to be vague than have a date that gets delayed. Some people go nuts when delays happen.

Same and only reason i use twitter for just stalking game news xD

My hopeful guess is that open beta announcement will be on February 14th, 2020. Why? Because they love us and want to surprise us! But open beta itself would be on a date after this weekend at least so that they can give us time to go and watch the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie first!

Happy Valentine's day twitter announcement for something is coming up! I hope xD

@Hengbok Inb4 the beta date is revealed during the trailers or end of the sonic movie as an Easter egg

@AnonMarc omg.. now that you say that... what if there are PSO2 codes given out at the movies for Sonic stuff ingame!! Bht if they did announce the date or something at the movies I feel like it'd be a trailer for PSO2....coming out in Spring. But wow.. I really feel like they could definitely advertise this game in the trailers at least. I mean.. it's perfect!

Guys, 2 days i come at home and thought. ahhhh nice lets play pso2 but then... not avaiable 😄 I need this .. NOW 🦆