Xbox release?

I don’t see them doing a closed beta just to make you wait for 2months for obt when almost every closed beta on console is literally followed by the open beta 2days later an release not even a month after

@FluffyShinobi Well the time between close and open beta depends on how much there is to fix. They could do a close beta for PC in 2 weeks then the open beta for both platforms a month after that. From open beta to release shouldn't be that big of a wait tho.

@AnonMarc true but did you guys find that much wrong with the cbt? Besides translations of stuff, I didn’t suffer from any game breaking bugs

Only one of my friends kept dcing from UQs on a regular xbox. That's the only really big issue I personally saw. Which is another reason im projecting it to be sooner rather than later.

@UnsealingBA1974 I was on a og Xbox an disconnected once but I think that’s just the og Xbox it does it for a lot of my games.

@FluffyShinobi I cant say much about the issues since i was not able to play the beta. Did watch quite a few streamers on twitch tho.

Servers not coming up at the start, random disconnecting issues, crashes here and there and some performance issues are probably the only big concerns now. All that aside the CBT looked quite good in comparison to other games launching completely broken.

Hello Arks ! on the official twitter PSO2 NA account we can read : Sans titre.png " coming to Xbox One in spring 2020 "

there is no mention of PC, so I just wonder if it's gonna be the same release date for PC & Xbox One ?

Last tweet said that PC is coming in the spring maybe not the same day but better than end of the year right ?

I had a friend have crashing issues on xbox as well. It was most likely due to him having way to many games downloaded on his console. He only had 16gbs left. But we fixed his crashing issues when he lowered the games graphic options.

As for open beta I think it will be towards then end of February or early March. At least that is my hope. With CBT being for stress testing their servers and collecting the data for other servers. Once they have worked out the kinks in that we will probably see news of it and maybe recieve a date of OBT.

The servers went up just fine, then they stressed em and found an issue with the authentication which they fixed the first night. It was an extremely cleanly handled beta.

Ah yes ! didn't see this tweet thank you ! I'm not an Xbox One owner so I'm too eager to play this awesome game ahah

@Cedka On the same boat here m8 i am dying to play on PC

Yeah the first 5hrs it was down but the rest went beautiful one of the best beta’s I’ve played

@UnsealingBA1974 I agree, it was a fairly smooth beta test. It's going to have kinks but they seem to work them out fast.

Hi, I would like to know for a staff or DEV if possible. If there is any news or date for the Closed Beta on PC? Will it be released before the XBOX Open Beta will be released or The final game will be released? Hopefully Yes! Because it would suck to be being and able to play with the with everyone when the game comes out and not be behind everyone else.

I played the Japanese version since Beta and it's been like what? 7 or 8 years.... I was maxed out in every class on one of my character and had 3 characters...

I can't wait to play like I used to on the Japanese version and have voice chat because it will be so much more fun to play and have Teams/Clan's..