[Ship 2] Muteki is now recruiting!

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Hello everyone! We are the Muteki Alliance on Ship 2 and are looking for new members! Our alliance is Level 5 and we have a Level 7 RDR buff tree.

Muteki aims to be a friendly, semi-serious alliance that helps each other out and is striving to be a respected and recognised alliance.

We plan to organise alliance MPAs, AQ farming/leveling parties, as well as other fun alliance events like casino days or contests. For MPAs we prefer to use discord comms.

We ask our members to have a good gaming mindset and to be respectful at all times. We are a strictly no drama alliance. If you're a bundle of fun and love PSO2 like we do, please come join us!

Muteki Discord: https://discord.gg/uEKC6CX

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  • Always show respect to other members/players, inside and outside of the game. If you have a problem, bring it up with an officer instead of making a commotion.
  • Be helpful, punctual, attentive – anything that doesn’t inconvenience others!
  • No politics or religion will be brought up (the only lord we have in-game is RNGeesus).
  • No elitism. This means we don’t want to gatekeep others from playing just because they know less than you.
  • No bad advice. Please do your research first instead of assuming/guessing or consult an expert first.

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  • Brief interview
  • Willing to max out Alliance Points every week.
  • Ability to use Discord for MPA's.
  • 18+ (can be discussed on a case by case basis, we just seek maturity).