Can you use a Color Change Pass on Baseware and Innerware?

Since the you get Innerware and Baseware as tickets (of a single variant) and then redeem I wondering if you can use a Color-Change Pass to change it color.

Also if a the Color-Change pass only works on a single item or you can change more with the same trip to the salon.


  • I have this Ruby suit

  • I redeem it and use the Color-Change Pass Color Change Pass

  • Can I choose to turn it into another variant like this? Shadow suit

Color change pass is for outfits and outerwear that have a color panel on them. For CASTs its different for them.

How do I know if the item will have a color panel after redeeming it?

Outfits, Outerwear, and CASTs will work for color change pass. Ones that won't work is base wear and inner wear items.