Ship 2-Ur My Kingdom for a shifta and deband xD

I litterally played the entire beta every single minute of it and i could not find a single shifta or deband disk! Im a techer for heaven's sake and i need them so bad 😿

Want to Buy: Shifta Disk Deband Disk

@SonarShark Haha you sound just like my friend! Played nearly the whole beta I’m lv 50 he’s like 48... still no Shifta! You’ll get it eventually!

@CombatSniper7 I know Rng is a jerk to us xD

Rng was nice to me for that as i was able to get shifta an deband in the beta

i wish i had your luck instead all i got was a wand my techer cant use until she has like 700 tech which is arguably a really good drop but still lol

@SonarShark I got a Shifta disc, I can give it to you for free, just PM me here when servers go up.

@PandasOnFire Oh My Gosh! your so nice ^-^ ill definitely hit you up do remember you have to be a premium account to trade 😻