"Companion app" or "Xbox beta" Will not load. -Companion app has an Endless green screen with loading bar. -Xbox Beta will sign me into my store account if my store account is signed into the store. But no matter what I cannot sign into my "xbox live" account required to play.

Uninstalled and reinstalled both several times, with frequent restarts.

PSO2 on the other hand will load the launcher, but then fail to load anything else after, but still sits in my taskmanager consuming a constant 143.5 mb of memeory. Occasionally when left for an extremely long time (like an hour) it will eventually pop up. However much like earlier today: -Earlier today I started up the game and was able to get to the title screen of the game. but it sits there with a grey box with a white bar at the top, and would normally prompt me to log into my XBL account. however it just hangs there and if left for long enough just disappears, and does the same thing again when trying to log in.

Any help would be appreciated.

Notes (not sure if related): When dealing with the initial installation I gave my user account permissions to access these files and it worked. Last night since it all seemed to be fine and running, I attempted to restore permissions to the WindowsApp folder. In addition I deleted the "mutable backup" folder.

If there is any way to correct this without an installation that would be greatly appreciated.