Alternate soundtrack challenge?

here's a wide selection of (prog/uplifting) Trance to add some more motivation to the grind 😉

bonus, for falz bosses: Svenson & Gielen - Twisted (Energy Radio Edit)

The only song I think is tonally/thematically perfect is for Tundra. The rest could be somewhat interchangeable.

I've been sitting on this particular post idea for well over a month, mostly because I didn't think the Xbox crowd would find it useful or interesting; I had been pushing my console output to one of my PC displays, so with the stay-at-home orders of the time forcing me to work from home, I was in a unique position to get significant value from my list of Spotify Liked Songs in addition to racking up many play hours.

The only limits I put on myself (if anyone wants to take a swing): stay within one genre, all-vocal or all-instrumental, 13 different artists

i usually listen to PSO1 Ep I-IV OST