Rename Floating Continent to Sky Islands.

Floating Continent and Floating Facility names are way to similar which can lead to confusion. I've had to double check COs a number of times just to make sure I'm selecting the correct Expedition.

I had no issues differentiating them at all. Its perfectly fine the way it is.

@Morgothryuzaki Just because you have no issues doesn't mean other do not.

@Grave-Knight That goes both ways though. Just because you have issues with it,doesn't mean it needs to be changed.

@Morgothryuzaki Actually, if one person says they have issues than it's more than likely that more people have the same issue.

@Grave-Knight You do realize that just because a few people have issues with something,doesn't mean that the devs have to change the designated meaning to their areas right?

This definitely isn't such a big issue that needs to be addressed right now. there are far bigger and valid things to address than a single little name that you can take 5 seconds to make sure you got right. Its not a big deal,litterally.

Isn't it called Skylands or Sky Islands in Japanese?

@coldreactive It might be,however if they changed it over here,there must have been a reason. Don't ask me which,I didn't design these areas lol.

@Morgothryuzaki While it's not a "big issue" as you put it, it's still an issue that can cause confusion. And while it doesn't seem important, it's something that can be change relatively easily and is something, if they change should be changed early.

@coldreactive The English fan translation is Skyscrape which is kind of a weird name to have given it. Floating Mainland, I think, is probably closer to a literal translation. Flying Country might be closer to intended name.