Looking For An Alliance (Any Ship)

Looking for an alliance that is active and open doing in game content together. I will also point out I am new to the game so please be nice. 😂

Feel free to give me a shout out in game or even PM on here or the actual message itself.

Edit: Forgot to add, I am in the EST Time Zone in the United States.

Let's get it! 🤠

Rappybusters on ship 2 always welcomes new players and we are always willing to help. We are at near capacity ranging from 90 to 100 members but check us out in the visphone and feel free to give us a shout.

We're mostly compose of GMT+8 people, but we can chill around.

Ship 2 Build Divers, small alliance. If youre interested!

@Eries-Fury Looked you up but unable to give you a whisper. 😔 I would be interested in joining though!

What's your in game player id. I can do an arks search and send you an invite. I will be on around 7 est so you could also try sending me mail and see if that will go through. I will keep an eye open here to so we can arrange a meeting.