May we get pso2es and not Idola?

No disrespect to Idola, but pso2es has a lot more use and isn't trying to hog as much time.

My main love for es is aside from the fact that it lets me do what I want and still reward me so I can decide how much time I spend with it (honestly gets me playing it more since I enjoy games more when I'm not pressured to play them to receive benefits.), it gives storage. I can use that a lot more than anything Idola could give. The food will become meh once ep5 releases, the exp 1 mil is nice until bonus keys come out.

Lobby actions are fine, I don't think the game actually needs to be here for us to have access to them and clothes. If es weapons and weaponoid boosters can be brought here without the es characters, then the same should apply for Idola regarding the outfits, weapon camo, and lobby actions.

I'm sure es can be edited to give 100 sg a week since that's how much Idola allows you to take when you grind it's points up weekly.

I definitely agree. Bringing PSO2ES to mobile would definitely help. I used it on the Japan version and it was definitely a lot of fun. Especially when stuck at work.