Hey, Neat Partner AI you got there...

They are pretty cool and neat looking, but leave them out of Ultimate lobbies. They don't contribute at all and there is always space to join someone else's party beacon for the triboost.

Enemies in the Ultimate fields are pretty spongey and hit hard. Due to the lower gear levels, moons get burned through really fast, so having 3 extra players both helps kill faster (for your loot gains) and provides more people to revive you.

Now I patiently await someone telling me not to tell others how to play.

Is Ultimate the same thing as Extra Hard?

It seems to be translated different ways throughout client orders and menu text.

@IzzyData Ultimate Quests are a specific Quest type that are only a single difficulty. Extra Hard is a difficulty that is added on to other Quests (right now just to Urgent Quests).

@AndrlCh Interesting. That is rather confusing as I recall Ultimate being the name of the highest difficulty in PSO1.

@IzzyData as stated, they are different than Extra Hard and currently are stronger/tankier thank the Extra Hard missions we have.

They count as a different variant of species than the ones normally encountered.

I been matching to parties that have that option to disable friend partner usage. So no one can get in unless they agree not to bring friend partners. I feel like many of the people that do this may not be into forums so it may be best to set the option off or try to organize parties to ensure no rooms get filled with bots.