Enemy Compendium List added to the Compendium at the Visaphone

Please, this would help identify monsters, what they look like, where to find them, their weaknesses. I know that you guys have the information at your disposal due to the terminals within the Extreme Quests. I know that there is a list of enemy names in the Quest Log, but requires that I scan each area at the quest counter just to pin point a name without any context, not even a picture! Please this would be a huge help to me and anyone trying to get acquainted with this game. This would greatly increase my enthusiasm for taking on more client orders.


@Merelambasted A few people have requested this even to feature it on the website. They said the DEV's where notified about it, but nothing yet.

@ERICK001BC Yes, this would be extremely helpful, especially for some Client Orders

Yes, it'd also be good if the COs had icons of the enemies it's asking to defeat.

The translations need to be fixed first, unless you play with JP text then the Eng will say 3 different names in different places, like client order, quest window, quest log, etc.