Ship 06 - An Alliance of Six

While I don't have a definite name for this alliance, since it's a toss-up between a couple, I will be looking for people to help bring a small community to form in Ship 6. We don't expect to be very large, and we don't plan to have a website/etc. Most of our contacting will be done in-game rather than out of it. But once we're settled, we will be considering a Discord for it.

I chose Ship 6 because the number 6 is one of my favorite/lucky numbers, the other being 13. I'm rather new to PSO2, only spending a few days on the Japanese version at its launch way back in 2011-2012 or so. Meaning a lot has changed between then and now. (Including the nerf to how Over-The-Shoulder works using Talis weapons. As well as new classes like Summoner.)

There's actually a thread for alliance recruiting! You should post it here!