Anyone else have CPU temperature spikes?

So every now and then, regardless of where I am but (possibly) more often in the lobby, my CPU temperature (according to Open Hardware Monitor) will spike upwards by a max of 15 degrees Celsius. It only does this for a max of a few seconds, but it occurs often enough for it to be weird. It never spikes to anywhere dangerous, max of 70 (CPU can take 80 w/o issue), but I'm a paranoid guy. Does anyone else have CPU temperature spikes while playing this game? This issue occurs on both max and medium graphics settings.

Edit: CPU usage by the game does increase during these spikes and it is not Gameguard.

Edit 2: Wait, it does seem to be Gameguard.

If it occurs when using PSO2 Tweaker or doing the manual lobby fix, someone has pointed out that there is a memory leak. It could be using more CPU power than needed to compensate.

I'm not using the Tweaker or any lobby fixes. I took a closer look and it's Gameguard, the CPU usage sometimes spikes from .2% to upwards of 12% or so. Nothing to do with the game itself, but Gameguard which I've always viewed as pointless.