Purchased AC through Microsoft Store, no points sent?

I bought AC points through the Microsoft store with my PayPal. The first time it went through, I got no notifications so I did it once more. Paypal later informed me that i got charged twice for the 3000 AC points, but as of right now I have not received them in game. i have checked my storage, my inventory and my mail to no avail. By 6 pm PST it will have been 24 hours. I created a ticket but I have not received any feedback as well.

Any advise?

Reverse the charge through paypal (there's something in there about not having recieved the item you paid for). I made a purchase yesterday with a debit card and at first I thought it didn't go through, because the microsoft store doesn't show any confirmation, but when I switched to the game there was a chat notification that read something along the lines of "AC1000 quick purchase completed." and it was almost instantaneous with the time the microsoft store refreshed from clicking buy. If everyone starts disputing these charges, I'd be willing to bet Microsoft would be quicker about fixing the problem.