(SHIP 03) BREAD SQUAD! Recruiting.

Alliance Name: BREAD SQUAD! Ship: 3

Alliance Level: 5

Main Class: Any

Timezone: Any (looking for night folk though)

Playstyle: Casual, Lookbook, Hardcore

Activity: Whatever. Just let us know when you'll be gone for a awhile. We purge inactives/PNS every 3 weeks or so. Much of the alliance is older with kids/jobs, so there is no expectation to power game.

Discord is desired but not required.

We are a large alliance looking for our last few members to round out the roster! We have a good mix of veterans and new players. We have members all across the US and UK, so there is usually someone always on. We run alliance events every Saturday. Home block 11.

We like to make symbol art. We really like to make symbol art.

Message W Straytaker on XBL if interested.

Bump for the bump gods.