Gunner is insane !

This is basically The Matrix in a class lmfao

It does the most damage by quite a bit apparently

I have no issues believing it lmao

I'm not really on board with it moving forward with its normal attacks unless you jump up first.

Alternatively me an aspiring Summoner : haha Marron go brrr. No seriously that shit does insane damage.

Not as much though gunner broke

Once you go gunner the game is funner

I played Ranger/Gunner back on JP when I first started. Haven't played it again in a while! Working on Bouncer/Braver/Hunter atm

With gunner moving forward when you shoot does the not moving passive work on it from ranger ?

@Morgothryuzaki said in Gunner is insane !:

This is basically The Matrix in a class lmfao

Its one of the best class, I can alomst said its best class of the game. Good AOE,good survivability, very mobile, good for mobbing, good for boss killer, one of the few class that can clear the most hardest quest in ep 5 and 6 in solo. .

and eternal loner

Gunner has been single handedly the best class in PSO2JP since i can remember to the point it makes you wonder if it´s the favorite class of some of the developers, because no other class has such an ease of soloing and does so much ridiculous damage for so little investment.

The only classes that have ever surpassed it were HERO at release and Summoner during very specific patches before changes, and those got nerfed and brought to a more normal level.

Note that i personally do not care, it´s not a competitive MMO afterall, but it does make you wonder when a single class always seems to be so ahead.

Just because you don't view it as a competition doesn't mean others feel the same

@Ship04 I mean,its not a competition though. People might want to make one out of it,but it still isn't meant to be a competition.

I kinda want to switch to Gunner just because of all the really awesome looking gun models. xD

EDIT: I just switched my main class to gunner on a whim... and i don't think i'm playing Bouncer anymore. Gunner is soooooo frick'n fun.