Personal Beta PSO2 Schedule

craziest 2 day ever! share your timeline!!

Sorry, don't have an Xbox. Would share otherwise.

Haha, this is great. All I remember is sleeping 6 hours in between when the beta started and when maintenance began. I drink Starbucks for free so I had a tad of that too. #PinkDrink

@Rzarcasm Starbucks for free thats OP!

@Runja5967 said in Personal Beta PSO2 Schedule:

@Rzarcasm Starbucks for free thats OP!

Can't function without it, LOL.

Love me a warm plate of spaggetite w/ perm.

Pretty sure my character at the end was over 26 hours.

I streamed for the entire duration the closed beta was online. over 31 hours first sitting, nearly 7 hours second. no sleep lol. I dunno what all i had to drink or eat, didn't keep track, there was definitely some pizza, chicken nuggets, dry cereal, and 2 pots of coffee along with lots of water though, and the occasional break for bathroom or letting my dog out etc lol. I got pics of my stream stats for those 2 closed beta duration times though! 😄 31 hour stream.png 175717adde4f925ca731b2ff100ef7e8.png