EDIT: Nevergrind Online now has a steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/8...rgrind_Online/ 2021 release hype! Check out Nevergrind 1 while we wait for the 2nd game which will be co-op multiplayer online!

Nevergrind is a browser RPG inspired by Everquest/Diablo where you create one of 14 classes as well as 12 races (each with there own racial passives/traits). Progress through the story, earn loot, becoem more powerful to try and beat the game on Normal, nightmare, and hell difficulty. The game plays like a MMORPG where you use spell/attack rotations (Each class is VERY unique in how they play) as well as plan out builds via the talent tree which makes your character progressively more powerful all while finding better loot.

White > Blue > Yellow = Unique = Set (Some rares can be better than sets/uniques)

Combat consists of "pulling" a monster either 1 by 1 or you can do multiple monsters at a time. You get a XP/magic find bonus for building up kill combos and a horde bonus for fighting multiple monsters at once. You can also get ambushed so watch out! Watch out for the rare spawns! They drop better loot/XP but are a lot harder, especially in higher difficulties!

The game also offers softcore mode and hardcore mode with leaderboards based on experience per class.

If you are competitive in nature, there has yet to be a single level 99 on hardcore mode. The game gets very difficult and achieving level 99 and beating hell mode on hardcore mode is a huge accomplishment.

[Final note] - Nevergrind 2 is being worked on! It will be called Nevergrind Online or NGO and will be released in 2021 on STEAM. It will improve upon the first installment as well as add MULTIPLAYER online!!!! I am posting this here to spark some interest in both the original Nevergrind to get familiar with the game and to hype up the release of Nevergrind Online in 2021!!! I challenge you to get level 99 in hardcore mode in the original Nevergrind!

Website: https://nevergrind.com/

Discord: https://discord.gg/4GZ8hjV

Wiki: https://nevergrind.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page