In Search of an Alliance [Any Ship]

Hello my fellow gamers,

I am looking for an Alliance on either Ship.

A bit from me: I am from Europe, germany to be exact, and I am 100% new to PSO 2. For me it is not really important on what ship said alliance would be because I can start over an any of them since my current characters are not that high-level anyway.

Would be nice to have some people to ask questions and hang out with because the first few hours were quite overwhelming.

If anyone is interested, you can either write here

Thanks and a good day.

We're a small alliance mostly compose of GMT+8 people. We can help each other out.

We're from Build Divers - Ship 2

We're chill and casual bunch. If you're interested, hit me up.

If you are interested in playing on Ship 3, Sanctuary would be a great place to hang your hat 🙂