Ship 3 - Thorn Server Maintenance?

Just saying there is way worse companies out there.

Okay - we have devolved this topic quite a bit, lets take a step back. Is everyone still having issues logging in? And does anyone know if there are still players on the server?

Sadness, I just bought some AC to buy some scratch offs and right after i bought the scratch off and clicked a box the scratch off froze and took my AC 😞

Issue is still there just tried.

@PsyGrrl88 my alliance has a discord and there are people playing, yes

I was on as of maybe 15 minutes ago

logged out to walk my dog and make a sammich and now cannot get back in

@PsyGrrl88 I was on ship 3 till i bought some scratch offs, then right as i clicked a spot to pick what i wanted the game froze

Same. I logged out to restart my PC and can't get back in.

On a related note if you try to log in anyways it just hangs on the ship image. im going to leave it up and see if it does anything after waiting awhile.

@treatsie I just wanted to give you props on the hilarity of your comments!! 10/10 💯

but yes having the same issue, and this sort of thing has happened before on the JP servers a few years back.

i knew something was up before that though, went to check my auxiliary and i received an error that 'the server that houes your living quarters is offline'

noob mistake should have stayed on

@PriessaChu what alliance? If its active and such I would like to join