Ship 3 - Thorn Server Maintenance?

I'm stuck on the login screen saying 'please wait a moment' after selecting ship 3 :<

Tried that logging in thing - just says you have been disconnected from the server. 😛 All of us gamers just truing to muscle our way back online lol.

@Zer0Scarlet @PriessaChu Same here, my alliance doesn't do much, maybe switching it up would be a good change of pace.

@PsyGrrl88 feel free to message me then

@Scyphoza-Cyanea Takes about 5 - 10 minutes, but it'll say You've been disconnected. Tried it a few times 😞 I hope it works for you though!

So people froze while scratching. That also happened to me. The fight around me still going on just fine, I have to force close the game and then can't get in.

@DBC-Blade hmmm sadness well it was worth a shot. I just want to hit 75 im so close i can taste it.

pso2 tweaker shows "server 3 maintenance?"

the question mark made me laugh for some reason

Heh, I was on ship 3, then disconnected. Come to check forums and twitter for why, and sadly not seeing a reason. Sadpanda face...

Just a heads up, I had 3 characters on ship 3, figured I'd make a new one on 2 just to play. Costs 500 AC to make a 4th char, so I bought it. AC has yet to appear in my account after 35 mins.

Maybe don't buy AC right now.


i think we are all assuming an unplanned outage of some sort

hoping for an update from devs soon

Sad pandas for sure....we don't know yet hopefully it would be fixed soon tho

I do find it funny though, someone saying we don't pay to play. I am a premium member, so kinda to pay to play. But ya, hopefully get an update. But alas, life is never predictable. So, I may as well take a nap, and when wake up, hopefully things are working before I head to work.

When i select another Ship and use the option "Character Creation/Selection"->"Where is my Charakter?" I see only Ship 1,2,4,5,6 lol Ship 3 is complete missing ^^'

and i cant creat a new char on another ship without a permission (buy for 500 AC), is that normal? btw I have only one char on Ship 3.