Ship 3 - Thorn Server Maintenance?

@treatsie You're either thick, a pre-teen, or a troll

okay lady. relax xD im talking to other people here. u just came along and tried to be important

@XeslanaZee Ohhh gotcha. Figured they only had a localization team but a majority of the dev work still came from the JP team.

@PriessaChu probably all of the above xD

@DeafeningKnives pretty sure the game is leased out to microsoft and they make their own money off of it so need to have their own servers and teams to handle it...usually how it goes or it wouldnt be launched on the microsoft store.

imagine. telling someone they arent entitled to everything they want and they attack you for it. you must be the same people that "have their freeedom takin" from covid xD

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how did i attack you? i said "relax" jesus you are touchy xD

@treatsie Imagine replying to a group of people who's general sentiment was "I wish pso2NA twitter would say Hey guys we are aware of an ongoing issue." With "You are so entitled, you just want everything

i will say it. and ill say it again. lady. im talking to other people. if i want your squawk box to go off id ask.

@PriessaChu They should pay you to mod xD

@treatsie Odd, why is it that when I say anything now, the reply is "lol lady I'm talking to everyone else"... on a public forum...

Ok, whoever is supposed to be passing information over to the social media team needs to be god damn fired because they seemingly don't fucking do anything.

I've never played a game that does such a piss poor job of communicating with it's player base.

Yeah feels bad

You never heard of Bethesda then?