Ship 3 - Thorn Server Maintenance?

treatsie "I think people gotta relax. " PsyGrrl88 "I would say give them at least an hour before we start getting angry. " ugghhh what lol

Yeah but i feel you aren't getting the point. If they don't know there is an issue then they are not moving to fix it at all. lol

you do realize relax is needed more for just anger.. the point is, you have a free game, where you dont need to pay to actually win, and you are crying over a bit of downtime. welcome to the gaming world. gg

Maintenance in progress means maintenance in progress?... Wow... ship 4, ship 5, and ship 6 have been in maintenance forever at this point

you people think you are entitled to whatever you want. its fuckin hirlarious.

Angry and insulting because you aren't right? Sheesh...

Man @treatsie you're getting a tad to angry. We're just wanting to make sure the devs know the ships down lol.

Okay - for everyone's edification, I sent a support ticket in letting them know that some of us can't login to the server even though there are players on the server right now. 😛 Just in case they didn't know there was an issue.

ya they dont know. im sure its just 1 guy on the desk watching everything. prob just fell asleep xD

@treatsie I mean it is a Japanese dev team that are most likely mostly asleep at this moment >.>

This post is deleted!

I do get the point and I understand we need it wait but it would be nice to know they have acknowledgment is all I am s saying and @treatsie I feel like you are just saying that you said I am angry even more now lol I am not upset I am just saying this is what a company that wants to stay in business should do...been playing mmos for 20 years hasent changed much xD

a company to stay in business. its sega. are you... are you special? seriously think about what you are typing xD

@DeafeningKnives the na launch has nothing to do with the jp team they have their own team working on server issues but is probably very small.