Ship 3 - Thorn Server Maintenance?

Ship 1 shows Under Maintenance, Ship 2 and 3 do not. However. I tried logging into 3 (where my only character is) and it's gone. I only have 1 character creation slot and not my main.

Before I make a big deal, I'm going to assume it's just unexpected outage... I hope.

ship 3 was put at the tyop of the list. you didnt lose anything. i thought the same

A friend that I was playing with is still in the ship but I restarted the game to fix a sound issue and am now unable to get back in.

The worst part is that they don't even seem to be on top of the issue no tweet or post here addressing the issue.

I think people gotta relax. it probably just came up. things cant be fixed instantly most times. and besides ive been waiting 8 years to play this in NA (i know about the english patch) im sure they will fix it

@XeslanaZee It hasn't been that long, I would say give them at least an hour before we start getting angry. They have to figure out whats wrong, decide what to post, then actually post it. Its not like us sitting here posting whatever we want 😛 businesses have to be a little more specific. Besides, if they just gave us a "we know something is wrong, we're working on it" we'd be just as annoyed lol. Give them some time to get together an ETA for us

My thing isn't the time the fix takes, but the acknowledgment that there is an issue. No message sent out could mean they aren't even aware of it yet.

@DeafeningKnives Fair point - has anyone actually filed a bug report or something yet? I haven't.

it literally says "under maintenance" i mean... what else do you want? im sure you could get them to send you a personal letter if you tried

Who said I am angry lol just been a bad launch and they should have a bit of courtesy and address the issue to the public as it arises as most companies do.

An acknowledgement that they know about the issue would be nice so we may have some sort of eta. I need my Cra.. PSO2. What am i supposed to do with my free time now? Go outside?

literally no one said you were angry man. xD

I mean under maintenance can easily be a message that is displayed anytime a server goes down. @treatsie 😉

exactly. its all u need to know. regardless of what they say, you gotta wait lol