Ship 3 - Thorn Server Maintenance?

So, ship three is "down" for me, says for server maintenance? But I can't find any official information about a maintenance block today. Does anyone know whats going on?

same here you are not the only one didn't see anything about it either friends are still in and the ysay the monsters are starting to lagg and etc.

Happens to me too. Stuck in Personel Quarters and can't travel.

@Harnas766 Ouch, thats worse than not being in at all...maybe send some auxiliaries out 😛

Same, can't login into ship 3. No notice of maintenance

I have and feel like i'm in a Prison Cell 🙂

Go my minions! Go and bring me stuff! Lol. Maybe a dev will see your plight and come rescue you 🙂

I'd just picked up some AC Scratch tickets, and the server took a dump between the 3-boxes selection screen, and actually obtaining any item... 😞

I logged out and wait now for the end of maintenance 😞

Makes kind of wish I had diversified with my characters... 😞 Then maybe I would have something to do this morning.

I'm getting this as well.

Only ships 1 and 2 are working. The others are under maintenance.

It takes 5 mins for them to mention the maintenance + duration...

@UpscaleKitty929 said in Ship 3 - Thorn Server Maintenance?:

It takes 5 mins for them to mention the maintenance + duration...

This definitely feels like an unplanned outage. Probably less a matter of mentioning maintenance vs. mentioning why the servers are offline at all. They may not know how long they will be down atm.

From what I'm seeing, if the game can't connect to a server the "Under Maintenance" message is up, regardless if it's actual maintenance, or if the server crashed, or if there's just a problem ISP-side.