Flamii's PSO2 Guides

A great guide for new players that are just starting out or just want some info. Note that this guide was made using the JP version of the game. Though some of the terms/names may differ doesn't mean you can't use this for the NA version as well. Don't let this guide discourage you if you see some contents that you don't see in the NA version. Sooner or later they will implement it in the game.

Here, have a Look and you might learn something new.

⋆★☆Flamii's PSO2 Guides☆★⋆

I've browsed through the Fighter section of this guide before. While it does have some inaccuracies, for the most part, it does its job in introducing the class. For new players who may potentially use this guide, take things said with a grain of salt and always, always double or even triple check information with other players.

@Drop-of-Rain354 Though some parts might be inaccurate does not mean its a bad guide. Not all guides are made perfect. Its just like you said always double check the info.

Could add the katana Br rotation of PA>PA>normal attack (double hit) into a section for rotations. And add the mention that Kanran knocks down weaker enemies.