Is it me, or does the frame rate seem limited in the NA version?

I'm not trying to spark a debate or make an aimless complaint, but I have noticed a smoother general frame rate in the JP version of the game, and I wonder what might be the cause or reason for it?

The game is entirely playable and still quite fun, but the difference is quite noticeable. I'm just curious really.

@ThirdChild-ZKI Apparently it's a code problem that you could fix, the catch is there's a temporary fix and after a certain time the game lag again, you could also use tweaker to fix that completely if you wanted too.

@Dracoco1214 Pretty funny that so many people know what the problem is, and it seems like an easy fix, but microsoft just won't do it.

Oh no no, I don't mean lag, I mean just the general frame rate seems limited compared to JP. I'll try to record what I mean (I'm not sure I'm not using the right term for it).

Inb4 the NA version puts the full FPS patch behind a paywall.

@ThirdChild-ZKI In the launcher you can change the fps limit, you could also directly edit the text file directly in Modifiablewindowsapp folder as well i presume.