[Ship 03 - Thorn] Come masquerade with the Charlatans!

Hi, are you looking for an Alliance that's relatively new and active, with a great sense of humor and teamwork, but won't knock you for not logging in after 2 years? Then Charlatans is the Alliance for you!

We're looking to build our ranks, we're incredibly new overall but are looking for players ready and willing to help build the foundations with us so we can be just as strong as the rest of the Alliances in PSO2. We're currently scouting for both Officers and fellow Members, we are pretty small right now so any additions to the team are helpful enough!

A previous guild in Monster Hunter, Mouse Army Guild, is the parent guild to this Alliance, with their leader working together with me to develop new adventures and memories with a fresh new start thanks to the PC Launch of PSO2. You can contact them when they are online, their player ID is Cptmouse!

We'll see you around, and contact me as well if interested! My own player ID is pixiebitten4.

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