Late Bingo Questions :D


actually we have the Rainy Urgent BIngo Crda, so its som that we can do only Bingo Points in this Urgent? I asked so but i mean i get some points on other areas!

Then, can i get the rewards only if the card are full? I was some days not really online, only for dailes and urgents and now later this day i have to look at this bingo cards again...

afer i get the rewards i will get a new card, it is the the rainly urgent bingo card or it is a random area bingo card?

Thx alot!

You get prizes for full lines, and a final one for the full board. At least one of the squares you have to complete in the new urgent quest.

The final client order becomes available after doing the others. As far as I know it's a one off - no other cards available at this time

But I can only hand in the card if it is complete, right?

I think the prizes are given automatically iirc

okey, i will take a look soon 😛 Thx!