Bingo card question


I keep trying to enhance my weapon's element but it doesn't ping on my bingo card. I've enhanced a weapon's element twice now and nothing happens on the card. Also the card says I can do it with two scientists but only one of the names exist, I'm guessing the second one is a mistranslation.

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Almost out of grinders if this keeps up.

Regarding the people who enhance your weapons there are two - Monika and Dudu. They seem to have shifts in the shop so it depends when you visit as to who you get.

Regarding the element - use the same weapon to increase the element. Same element adds the most (full amount on the sacrificial weapon I think) - same weapon, different element only adds 10 but it will be enough to register

@ScrawnyKitty Monika and Dudu are on alternating Blocks.

Ah really? I do swap blocks so always assumed they rotated depending on the time lol

Monica is on the even numbers, Dudu has the odd ones