[Ship 2] New player looking for Alliance/People to talk to.

I don't understand much of PSO2, to be quite honest. I played the JP version for a while but my friend quit because we couldn't understand much (I still liked it).

Just recently came back. Got to level 13 tonight and decided to call it quits. I'm more of a play at your own pace type of person and don't really enjoy pushing endgame stuff like I used to when I was playing MMOs at a more hardcore pace.

Not sure if I should play Bo/Hu or Bo/Fi (I eventually plan to move onto Bo/Phantom when it releases).

Anyway, just looking for some decent people to talk to while I play, though I am generally a quiet person.

Shady is recruiting! We are a solid, growing community that just helps each other out the best we can! Absolutely no pressure and can definitely play at your own pace! 🙂

Hello CjavierMC! My alliance is recruiting people who play at their own pace and chill we are EU based alliance with growing community (we got over 50 members in less then a week) and 100 members on our discord server and most importantly we are weebs. you can join our discord server if your interested! https://discord.gg/3wM8uZz