Import/Export Character Data & Symbol Arts

So, I don't see any proper thread that is made to guide people on how to do this. I guess, I'll make one then.

First off, Creating Character Data, and where it's stored.

  1. First, create your char, and then scroll down to Save Data section and click Save Creation Data. You can then name your Create Data.


  1. Go to My Document and click on the folder SEGA > PHANTASYSTARONLINE2_NA. Character Create Data will look like this once created. (Highlighted part)


You can then copy it for backup, for those who wants to import from JP, you can do the same by following this step. Instead of PHANTASYSTARONLINE2_NA, you'll need to access PHANTASYSTARONLINE2 instead.

Secondly, to Import and Export Character Create Data from JPN to NA or vice versa.

Copy the Character Create Data and paste it in the folder where you want to import, for example. JPN to NA Copy Character Data from Documents > PHANTASYSTARONLINE2 then paste it under Documents > PHANTASYSTARONLINE2_NA.

Go into game, create character and click on Load Creation Data There you have it, you've successfully imported and exported your character.

Symbol Arts

For JPN > NA Same deal, Documents > PHANTASYSTARONLINE2 > symbolarts


And you'll see this


then go to [user], if you have multiple characters before, you'll notice you have multiple folders.


All you need to do is identify which folder is which character you want to export & import from. Or you can just copy everything and call it a day. Once you copied everything you needed, go to Documents > PHANTASYSTARONLINE2_NA > symbolarts > import

Finally, paste it.

Go into game, Menu > Symbol Art > Import > Click on Import, and you'll get all the Symbol Arts you need.

Congrats, you've successfully exported and imported Symbol Arts now!

Many kudos to you for this nice thread!

thank you!! ❤


Do you know where we can find our saved ensembles, (the clothing information with the accessories positions and such)? I'm not sure anyone has dig into this.

@Armada-San Ensembles are saved server-side. The only way to save one client-side is through a Character Data file, but that will only save the currently equipped one.

@AndrlCh Thank you, I was looking for a way to save all the work done with accessories (position, size, angle) beyond the character data method, but I guess that will do for now.