Do you want to change your race?

I chose human at the start and by the end of the beta I wanted to be a cast and I just really hope they at least put an option to pay to change your race when the full game comes out.

Anybody else and what feature did you want in the game?

They'll probably offer it as a consumable AC item. Lots of free to plays require you to purchase a makeover consumable with real money. Some free to plays don't even have the option to make over your character at all.

The CBT testers did get a free saloon card to change your looks. Not sure if JP added a AC item that changes your race though.

I never do haha. I just makenmore character xD

@Hengbok said in Do you want to change your race?:

I never do haha. I just makenmore character xD

Considering the account-wide bonus you get for getting a class to 75, this is reasonable. Plus, you can friend your own characters and take them as an AI partner (But they aren't valid for FUN obviously.)

@oldColdReactive lol wow. Sounds like a potential adventure series in the making if they are characters you want to advdnture with aside from with actual people haha

live with your decisions. changing looks is one thing but there are stats tied to race and therefore it should not be changeable.