[Ship 2] Build Divers Alliance Recruiting!

◽ Name: Build Divers

▫ Leader: Saike Vesta (That's me.)

▫ Manager(s): Lilian // @Cid Immacula

▫ Type (Casual, Semi Casual, Serious): Casual Slackers

▫ Active Timezone(s): GMT+8

▫ Alliance Requirements:

  1. Someone who is chill & open-minded.
  2. Someone who abides by the rules of the game.
  3. Someone active and interact with the team.

▫ Alliance Description: Build Divers is created by starting with 3 people who came from one country. The three of us have been waiting for PSO2 since then. While I stopped playing JP, Lilian played SEA and we tag along our other friend and started this. From different games and platforms, we call to our IRL and online friends to join us if they want to try out PSO2. We started to grow and became a small family here in PSO2!

Usual Alliance Activities:

  1. Ultimate Quest Farms
  2. Urgent/Emergency Quests Parties
  3. Guild Hang-outs

Feel free to contact me if you want to join. But feel free to drop by @ 42B Franca Cafe to catch us around. Thank you!


The Alliance that Blacknyacks together wins together. Come join Build Divers for little Casino shenanigans!

44ffa986-5a57-4e0a-85ae-d0c12e6adc84-image.png Join Build Divers as we watch our Photon Tree grow! Feel free to leave me a message here in the forums too.

Bumping this up!

Bumping this up!

Hi , I play in GMT+7 time-zone and would like to join your alliance. But I cannot add your discord. Do you have other method to contact you?

@tumpjee hi. kindly message me or tell me ur discord handle and i will contact you.

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I will try to send tell in game to you

Hi there, big mecha fan here would love to join your alliance, have been playing PSO2 off and on since 2014 and just recently started in NA.

Timezone: GMT +8 IGN: Sawce ID: 10575242 Discord: Sawce#3992

Thank you!


Join us at Franca B42. Just one of our daily activities.

Hey! I'd be interested in joining. My Discord name is Carter#5364 since it won't let me add you.

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Come chill with us at 42B Franca's Cafe if you want to join!