2nd Generation CASTS and onwards?

To my understanding from Story dialouge CASTs originally were made as new bodies for those who were born unable to handle their own photons. However when research advanced, did this stop happening? or is this still the case sometimes, resulting in the creation of new CASTs?

A CAST woman based on what I read would give birth to a fully human child due to them still having enough organic reproduction systems. No evidence of nanites making the child another CAST.

So where do all the later generation CASTs come from?

CASTs, also known as androids, are a race in the Phantasy Star universe.

Phantasy Star Online Androids, as they were known in PSO, are created and therefore cannot use techniques in Phantasy Star Online. They can, however, recover HP by standing still and use Traps to hinder monsters. In Phantasy Star Online Episode III C.A.R.D. Revolution, android has been considered an offensive term to the CASTs and has been replaced by humanoid.

Phantasy Star Universe "Casts were originally created to serve humans, but the emergence of self-aware casts with free will led to a long and heated struggle over human and cast rights. Years of strife led to the current system, in which casts dominate the administration of human society on Parum.

The rational, logical approach favored by casts is a large advantage in managing a planetary government, but they have a tendency to be relatively strict and inflexible.

Casts can summon and use SUV weapons."

Phantasy Star Portable 2 CASTs are one of the four races of the Phantasy Star universe. Evolved from synths, and the main structure that formed a copy-cast.

Phantasy Star Online 2 In Phantasy Star Online 2, CASTs are one of the four races available for player creation. As with the Newman and Deuman races, they were created from Humans, designed to control aptitude with Photons. As research in the properties of Photons progressed, CASTs became adept in Photons in ways nearly identical to that of Humans, thereby making their differences merely aesthetic.

CASTs were once used as alternative bodies for those with enormous Photon aptitude. Due to the sheer randomness of Photon aptitude in 1st Generation ARKS, those whose aptitude exceeded the limits of their human bodies, such as Regius and Maria, were transformed into CASTs. Humans may undergo a procedure to become a CAST, sacrificing a large majority of their original bodies in place of a CAST body. Organic tissue from a transfer still remains, enabling CASTs to reproduce.

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That answers none of my questions, I have read all that.

@ZeeHero9271 said in 2nd Generation CASTS and onwards?:

That answers none of my questions, I have read all that.

Says at the end of the post (CASTs can now reproduce) and (Humans may undergo a procedure to become a CAST)

@animeregion Still doesn't provide a real answer. CASTS can reproduce due to organic reproductive organs which means the child born to CASTS would not be a CAST at birth.

Becoming a CAST also causes total memory and usually personality loss, the CAST is a different person, so its not something which would be done unless neccesary.

Theres only one explaination I can think of and that would be people sometimes are still born with bodies unable to handle their photons.

It's not written anywhere but it would only make sense that aside from someone who is unable to control photons a person on their death bed would also count. We lose an arm or a leg and we get a prosthetic in the PSO reality they are already replacing large portions of the human body when creating the sickly casts. So it only makes sense whether stated or otherwise that a severly injured individual even with memory loss would opt for the procedure to continue fighting.

Aside from Risa (who is a very special case due to [Episode 6 spoilers]), what other characters mention the complete memory loss thing? It's been a while since I've played the Story while paying attention, so I would like to see the scenes where it comes up.