Who actually completed the Urgent Quest requirement?

First of all the game was totally inaccessible for me Friday as the server was full when it finally went live.

Second Saturday it was down most of the day when I think it was supposed to be up all day.

Then Sunday I took full advantage and did the only 2 Urgent opportunities.

My total was playing 3 different Urgent Quest time slots. This sucks.

I managed 4 but only because I got up for work over an hour early and caught the last falz.

I got 4 but I did them all alot over the whole thing except Friday.

I was only able to get three of them and two were the same, just different time slots. I really hope it counts, I want that Dreamcast Mag.

Pretty sure i did more than required , But pretty sure i'm not the only one who did so , I know many other players who ended up low to mid fifties in the beta spamming EQs and Cos

@SpiritOSherwood if you only did 2 then only two count even if you did them multiple times at least that's what it says in the rewards section of the site.

Another thing I'm confused about is about the Urgent Quest where you fight these big dog looking things. Then after 30 minutes when the quest ends another quest goes up immediately where you fight the big dude in the back that makes you fight the big dogs, IS THIS TREATED AS A SEPARATE INSTANCE OF

Urgent Quests? Like does that count as 2?

@Kenji2000 Oh man, that sucks... I was hoping it meant multiple times in the same timeframe. 😞

@YellowFlash2099 if ur talking about the big boss fight the first fight is his hands and the second is his body and yes they are 2 different UQs.

Yes @Kenji2000 thats what I was referring to, next what if you fight that same boss at two different time slots like Saturday and Sunday, would that also count as separate times you complete a UQ?

It only counts once each time so if you did the same one on Saturday and Sunday then it counted on Saturday and Sunday was just for the exp and items.

I did all urgent quests.

Played the first 22 hours servers were available. Passed out. Only missed 2 EQ's. Played all day on Sunday hit 53.

@SouliusDesigns said in Who actually completed the Urgent Quest requirement?:

Played the first 22 hours servers were available. Passed out. Only missed 2 EQ's. Played all day on Sunday hit 53.

Dang I only hit 48 by the time it hit 11 PST.

I did all four but I got them done just barely. I was planning to do four urgent quests Saturday but went to bed due to my body giving up fully. Glad they extended the Closed Beta cause it let me get the required amount and do Raging Obsidian Arms and Elder of the Unfathomable Abyss.