Cannot invite friend to group chat.

I've been trying to invite a friend to my group chat in-game but it seems he doesn't get the invite. I get this message.

alt text

Here are the things we have done:

  1. we checked our Microsoft privacy settings via both X-Box and Microsoft websites
  2. we made sure invite settings in-game were all enabled
  3. we were in the same block
  4. we were both not in quest/missions
  5. we invited each other in a party (party invites and alliance invites work, but group chat invites do not)

I'm honestly lost now. What can we do to fix this?

Anyone have a fix for this? Still having this issue with only this friend.

Anyone? Been waiting for weeks.

Hi! Apologies for the inconvenience. Have you tried sending a ticket regarding this issue? Our support team is more than happy to assist you. You may send a ticket in this link 😊

I'm currently having the same issue here. I've looked around to see what could be causing it, and I just noticed that I've got 3 invites pending that I can't remove because it says they're already in the group chat, despite them not actually being in it. I dunno how something like this can even happen. I don't even remember these people getting invited in the first place, either, which makes this whole thing really strange.

My friend ended up not having group invites on in chat settings. Resolved.